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by Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic

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released February 2, 2012



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Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic Sainte Perpétue, Québec

Chainsaw Bitch Acoustic is Alex Vezina's solo project. All the songs are about his life as a ninja. POOAAAAWWWFF!

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Track Name: My own panel
Got my own panel
There's nothing more I can wish for
Inside there's my bed
Which is also my kitchen table
And I don't understand
How people can live without this
Cause its the best vehicle on earth

The upper half is brown
The rest rust
I love its sound
Ain't no exhaust
And I don't understand how is it that berlines(sedans) still exist
But I guess you chose given the dearth

And I don't think I can afford again... (bis)

Got a new iphone
There's nothing more I can wish for
I'm never on my own
A new app can show me the good door
And I don't understand
How a student can live without this
You can throw birds tweet and even get phone calls

But I don't think I can afford again this kind of life
I want to raise my kids in the best environment they can have
And I don't know what I become when my panel dies
Cause I don't think I can afford again this kind of life
Track Name: Responsibility
Don't you think we should everyday put aside just a little time
To do something worth alleviating our mind
Stop looking back feeling sorry for all this
Collective action; Become an activist!

Get in the streets of your neighborhood
Catch someone who's not recycling as much as he should
Then you beat him with a phonebook
This is reusing without visible brusing

Wherever you look around there is a constant war between the good and the evil
It can take a lot of forms like a vegeterian burger in a mcdonald
Everyone wishes of a better world
Then if you really want things to change, this is your...

Come and join my army!

And if you think it's cruel to put clothes on a dog
That you should report such a criminal act on your blog
Open your eyes to the real source of cruelty
And think about the sewing kids in third world countries

Get in the streets of your neighborhood
Catch some preppy dogs walking along the edge of the woods
Then you beat them with the master's Nike shoes
Till the punishment is worthy of such an abuse

The world doesn't get worse by itself
Most of us prefer to ignore the problems around them
You will have to get out of your shell
This is each and everyone responsibility
Track Name: Nosebleeds & tinitus
There's a stabbing pain inside of my head that generally starts when
I have to wait in line then I've nosebleeds and my hands shake like a Fein
I am sweating like a pig and I have trouble focusing
I breathe like I'm singing in Converge and my tinitus is getting exponentially worse

Rage is locked under my skin and everyone's looking at me
What I'm trying to control is fighting for its own liberty
I was taught that it is bad to beat up friends when I feel mad
There is a stabbing pain inside of my head that grows since I reached the age of ten

Felt so constrained (bis)

I want to be free to hate
Cause for the first parts of my life, I've been mislead by faith
Tried so hard to substitute violence
But it ended up in a war between my sanity
My capacity to forgive
And what is left of my common sense

I need a drink
And a some psychotherapy
Seems like a shitload of frustrations
wins over peace and religion

Felt so constrained...
Track Name: Kratt brother song
Yet I got blood all around my nose this evening
Guess I would have been better to go to bed way before
Instead of trying to shorten a bit that fence settled right between my everyday life and people's tolerance

How can you blame me for what you're scared to see?
There are tons of other reasons to beat up someone
Then admit you can find a better one, son
No one should be blamed for what others are scared to see

I can't believe that me and my brother
Still have to pretend we are brothers

Am I fucked up or what?
Isn't my name Martin Kratt?
Your kids admire me for the way I play with fake monkeys
And don't you think I got feelings just like you?
I need some tenderness and I can't content with girls animals or Guinness

But you know after all it's ok
Things are not going to change by today
And if people want to reduce me to what they see on sitcoms on TV
Well I just hope they fucking feel better this way

I can't believe that me and my brother
Still have to pretend we are brothers
I can't believe that me and my LOVER
Still have to pretend we are brothers
Track Name: Ninja aquarelle
Today we're here to redefine
All along redress the line
Discard the shame and
Shed a light
On the damage done by those parasites

How could we just let it grow this way
And how could we just let it all turn to gray

You cannot rely anything on arts
Dressed like a hippie, you'll never ever look smart

A red spot in a sort of blue rectangle
Give me some paint and brushes
And I could easily handle
And those buttheads look at it and they stare
What wouldn't give for scissors to cut your hair

You cannot rely anything on arts
Dressed like a hippie, you'll never ever look smart
Track Name: Back home
So many times, I though about bringing you back home
So many times, I had to watch those sunsets all alone
The working day is over and I feel the same old emptiness
So many times, I tried to convince myself I could live without you

I can't deny we had our moment together
But a broken heart is a piece you couldn't ever get fixed
We cannot change our past and I certainly won't live in it
So many times I caught myself dreaming of the day that I am...

Back home in my brand new red bobcat
Get on my bucket honey I'm taking you for the ride of your life
Back home in my brand new red bobcat
Whatever you want honey I'll give it to you on a wooden pallet

So many times I tried to drown my sorrows in Kuyper, Pabst, and phone apps
We shouldn't be asked to choose between a the use of a ford truck and the size of a smart.
It's been a while since the last time i felt like this
I've been waiting to long for things to happen by themselves so tonight I am...

Back home ...

I feel like I can go everywhere
Don't care what people may think or say
We'll drive around the entire country
And have the best bucket stagedive all days..

I want to do it my own way
No matter what people might think or say
I want to live the Canadian dream of mine
Want to live the east Canadian dream of mine...

Back home with you...